Aging Activist, Women's Advocate, 
Lawyer, Educator, Author and Poet

Norma Roth-Jackman, Esquire holds a Bachelor Degree from the City University of New York - Hunter College; a Master’s Degree from Simmons College in Boston, and a Jouris Degree from the Suffolk Law School in Boston.

Immediately following her J.D., Norma devoted her time to making a difference to women’s advancement in the workforce as well as spearheading sexual harassment regulations throughout the world while obtaining prominent positions in such impressive organizations as the Federation of Organizations for Professional Women (FOPW),  the Wellesley College Research Center for Women, and the New England Women`s Opportunity Committee (WOC), to name a few.  Notably, Norma was the Chief of Labor Relations for the Federal Aviation Administration in New England before joining the law firm of Jackman & Roth in Boston concurrently servicing as a trial attorney specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Discrimination Law and Federal Worker`s Compensation cases.

Although Norma remains a consultant in law, she is an Associate Professor at the University of New Hampshire, and Plymouth State University, in addition to the Granite State College in New Hampshire.  As an educator, Norma is credited for advancing a unique, educational model.  Further, she has authored countless articles in the area of education. Norma’s motivation and drive stems from her vision of a future filled with limitless opportunities for professional women.

As a multi award winning recipient, Norma has been widely recognized for her contribution to humanity.    She has received the Elizabeth Dole Award: One of the Outstanding Women in Government as well as  the 2010 NAPW Outstanding Women of the Year Award.

Books by Norma Roth include:
  • Aging Gracefully with Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly: Including Ten Tips to Keep People Off Your Back by Norma Roth
  • Journey Into a Dark Past, Land of My Ancestors: Budapest, Prague & Vienna by Norma Roth
  • Scenes From a Summer House: The House That Waited & Other Poems by Norma Roth 
  • Fear, Trembling, & Renewal: Poems to Age With by Norma Roth
  • Scenes From a Summer House: The House That Waited & Other Poems by Norma Roth